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By Sorrybro on Apr 27, 2018 at 3:39 PM
  1. Sorrybro

    Sorrybro An Awesome dude
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    Dec 10, 2017
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    Hello everyone,

    This is the first patch of the server and based on the feed backs there are really a lot of bug so this patch will fix all of those and as well we will be adding new features and a campaign mode revamp! but however this patch might take 1-2 days.

    • New Boss Events
    • New Custom Items
    • Revamped Campaign Mode
    • Revamped Economy
    • Bug Fixes

    New Boss Events
    Get ready boys this feature will surely spice things up if you are hungry to get those gkits. We are adding random boss events to those who is willing to trade their time in the server for a juicy rewards, the longer you stay online the higher the chances of a boss will spawn in a certain coordinate, Sometimes the boss will spawn its minions so get ready these bosses aren't gonna be easy as you think.

    New Custom Items
    We are adding not just 3-4 custom items but 15 of those and the best part is the new 10 custom items can be obtained by trading in the villager village while the rest of the new custom items are rare to obtain.

    Here are the names and effects of the new custom items

    • Spirit Bit (Can be obtained by killing animals and these can be traded into spirit items)
    • Spirit Quartz (Upgraded version of spirit bit removes all debuffs upon usage)
    • Spirit Orb (Upgraded version of spirit quartz removes all debuffs and gives you a massive shield for 2 seconds upon usage)
    • Spirit Emblem (Automagically grants you a shield if your hp is low but in exchange the emblem is destroyed)
    • Aggro Dust (Transform a regular creeper into a charged creeper if you right click it with this item)
    • Magmite Coal (Instantly cures burns upon usage)
    • Grand Scrambler (Gives you a random holycrate upon usage)
    • 5 Mins Battle Booster (Gain 2x more battle xp for 5 mins)
    • Ninja Potion (Turns you invisible for 10 seconds upon usage)
    • Force Stick (Gives you a powerful knockback attack to an enemy but in return this stick is for single usage only)

    Revamped Campaign Mode
    I know some of you are struggling so hard trying to complete the campaign mode so we decided to make things easier for you in this update we have modified each class and gave it its own gkits to be used by players so the mobs won't be a pain in a head to beat anymore

    Revamped Economy
    Some of you guys are so filthy reach in the server right now and the prices of the upgrades and shop are a little cheap so its time to revamped the economy to make things balanced for everyone don't worry you will still keep your money

    Bug Fixes
    The fixes are not that big tho

    • FIXED On join Book keeps on popping off to already registered players
    • FIXED Mcmmo voucher bug
    • FIXED Aether star and aether shard bug in the envoy crates
    • FIXED Mcmmo crate bug
    • FIXED Campaign mode massive mob spawning in wave 1
    • FIXED More than 2 players can join with the same IP
    • FIXED C.H.I.Z detection

    Thanks for reading and we really hope you like the patch 1.1 and also your feedbacks and suggestions are highly appreciated

    - Budz


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sorrybro, Apr 27, 2018.

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