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By Sorrybro on Jan 13, 2018 at 10:47 AM
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    Full Server Tutorial Guide
    A full guide on how things work on holycraft




    Tired of boring minecraft factions servers? Well here in HolyCraft we spice the regular minecraft factions with a twist in gameplay mechanics that will give you the game changing faction experience like no other servers can give. This server was in development for a long time to ensure the best quality of its features.

    Spawn Pictures:



    Below are the features which its offer

    ✦ Custom race system

    ✦ Over 180 custom enchantments
    ✦ Over 100 custom items with unique effects each
    ✦ Balanced envoy system
    ✦ Balanced economy (Not pay2win)
    ✦ Unique and custom spawn
    ✦ Amazing crate system
    ✦ Epic modified mobs
    ✦ Lag prevention system
    ✦ Random loot drops from mobs
    ✦ Unique pve/pvp user interface
    ✦ Sponges absorbs lava
    ✦ Unique and custom runes system
    ✦ Custom creepers
    ✦ Amazing leveling system
    ✦ Flight will be disabled if you are damaged by a mob or player
    ✦ After firing an arrow there is a chance that you will shoot an explosive shot
    ✦ Modified GodKits
    ✦ Custom bosses
    ✦ Amazing koth system
    ✦ Faction upgrade system
    ✦ Faction mcmmo and xp boosters
    ✦ Medieval style conversations while talking to npcs
    ✦ Unique and custom killstreak system
    ✦ More+ (I wont spoil the other features i want you guys to find all of them yourselves)



    Unique On Join Splash

    New players are welcomed by a book popup that shows a little introduction about the server after finish reading the introduction book they will be rewarded, Thats not all the longer you stayed on the server the higher the chance that a reward popup will prompt to you giving you a freebie for staying longer so thats a + Player Retention


    Custom Race System
    4 Different unique races with their own unique passives and effects at first you are free to choose 1 race and you cannot change it unless you have a custom item called "Refresher Orb" that can be obtained via crates or envoys.
    Each race has their own skin changing ability and can be upgraded into 3 levels when you have the custom items called "Aether Shard" and "Aether Star" which makes the race even more powerful and when you hit level 3 race you will have a chance to enchant it to its last form that grants you a permanent passive if you kill a player more of these explanations can be found ingame when the server is released




    Custom Enchantments
    Tired of old custom enchant books? well here on holycraft we don't use those boring books anymore instead we have our own special custom enchantments called the "Spirit Stones"


    Custom Runes System

    These are custom coded by me apply these runes on your chestplate and it will trigger a death animation when its bearer dies giving the slayer a satisfying revenge from the person that he/she slayed


    Unique Leveling System
    Killing a mob gives the slayer a "battle xp" once you hit a specific amount of battle xp you will level up gaining a perk per level and if you hit some of the level milestones you will be rewarded with greater loot reward.



    Unique Npc Interactions
    We are giving players that special medieval like experience when they are interacting with the npc's in the server just like the image below






    Custom Items
    Do you wish you could have a thing that can shoot fireballs by right-clicking or perhaps a feather that can give you a temporary flight good for you we have them and they are not just 1 or 2 we have a total of 110 custom items with unique effects each these can be found in envoys and crates. Some of them are in the image below



    I wont spoil some of the other custom features but i guarantee you that we will give you a super game changing features that no other "CUSTOM" factions servers can give


    Notable Mechanics - These are the small changes we made to make the gameplay a little twist

    -If you eat too many gapples within a certain amount of time, you get sick.

    -There is an enderpearl cooldown to help stop enderpearl glitching. It is around 10 seconds.

    -Minecarts/rails cannot be picked up.

    -There is a redstone limit to help prevent lag.

    -The server reset every 2 months. The resets include everything but ranks, gkits, player upgrades and titles.

    -Bedrock cannot be placed.

    -Obsidian is breakable in 3 tnt hits. (ceggs don't affect it)

    -Sponges act as a absorber of water and lava.

    -Mobs stack to help reduce lag.

    KOTHs - These are automagically operated once a minimum amount of players joined the server these spots are 24/7 active, the goal is to get to the specific platform and wait about 60 seconds to conquer it and received its rewards its a Free for all

    Modified Mobs - These are not just your ordinary minecraft mobs the mobs in the server are modified to give players a challenge when fighting them but however killing them grants the player a Battle XP

    -Every time a zombie attacks you it will give you a poison effect per hit and a small touch of blindness

    -Skeletons are equipped with darkness bows that will give you blindness once you get shot

    -Creepers are embedded with dark magic giving the victim a nausea and a wither effect for 7 seconds once they explode

    -Spider's poison have been modified giving the victim a nausea and wither effect for 7 seconds per bite

    -Blaze's fire was also modified giving them the power to inflict nausea and wither for 7 seconds per shot

    -Zombie Pigman's Swords are now enchanted with dark vodoo magics giving them the power to give the victim a powerful poison and blindness for 7 seconds

    Leveling System - Killing mobs gives you an amount of Battle XP Once you have enough battle xp you will level up gaining new perks per level

    - Level 100 (Elite Cache)

    -Level 200 (Ultimate Cache)

    -Level 300 (Legendary Cache)

    -Level 400 (Godly Cache)

    - Level 500 (Permanent Warrior Gkit)

    Mob Statistics - These displays how many mobs have you killed there will be a competition on this where the staffs will set the minimum amount of mob kills and whoever gets the highest wins. these can be resetted back to 0 using a MSR Token (Mob Stat Reset)

    Black Market Items - These are the items that will help you customized and help with the enchantment for a better enchant of your gear.

    The following items can either be purchased from the server store or obtained from envoys, caches, giveaways and more.

    Light Scrolls
    Light scrolls prevent an item from being destroyed if an enchant fails to apply. Instead of destroying the item, the failed enchant will destroy the scroll.

    Dark Scrolls
    A black scroll will remove 1 random custom enchant from an item and give it to you in the form of a spirit stone. The book will have a 100% destroy rate and a success rate equivalent to the one on the scroll.

    Mog Scrolls
    Mog scrolls are used to organize the enchantments an an item. It will sort them by tier, then add an enchant count beside the item's name.

    Randomization Scrolls
    Randomization scrolls are used to shuffle an enchantments success and destroy rates. Hope you get lucky!

    Item Rename Tags
    The item rename tags can be used to rename an item with colours and formats. Simply right click the nametag, follow the instructions in chat, then use the "&" codes to format and/or add color.

    Rarity Color Coding
    - We have sorted out the enchantment and item rarity by a specific color coding to make it easier for players to noticed and find out

    • TIER 1 - WHITE (Simple)
    • TIER 2 - GREEN (Unique)
    • TIER 3 - BLUE (Epic)
    • TIER 4 - YELLOW (Ultimate)
    • TIER 5 - GOLD (Legendary)
    • TIER 6 - RED (Godly)
    • TIER 7 - PURPLE (Mythic)

    Race System - These race system can be accessible via /race. Choosing a race gives the user a unique debuff and buff at first and can be upgraded to make it even more stronger

    - Dwarf
    - Assassin
    - Orc
    - Troll

    Runes System - These custom coded race system will give yourself a unique death passive when you are killed

    - New Undead Rune
    - New Creeper Rune
    - Explosive Rune
    - Thunder Rune
    - Nuke Rune

    • Linking Items in Chat
      You can do [item] while holding the item you want to link in your hand. This allows you to show off an item in global chat.
    • Player Vaults
      /pv - brings up a customizable GUI for your private vaults that can be left clicked to open
      /pv (number) - opens that particular vault
    • Mcmmo
      McMMO is a plugin that adds a ton of mmo-esque game mechanics. This includes everything from player skills to abilities for tools.
      Note: You do not gain xp from killing/taming mobs
    • Faction Levels Use your faction bank's money to /f rankup your faction to unlocked different buffs to all of your faction crew
    • Leveling System Killing a player and mobs gives you "Battle XP" that are required to level up. Upon leveling up you will received certain bonuses reaching a level milestone will reward you with caches
    • Custom Creepers These badboys will give your enemies a fear on their faces and these can be also used as an ultimate grief tool
    • Custom Items More than 80+ custom items with unique effects can be obtained
    • MORE+ More features can be discovered by playing so start your journey!


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