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Full Server Tutorial Guide
A full guide on how things work on holycraft

Notable Mechanics - These are the small changes we made to make the gameplay a little twist

-If you eat too many gapples within a certain amount of time, you get sick.

-There is an enderpearl cooldown to help stop enderpearl glitching. It is around 10 seconds.

-Minecarts/rails cannot be picked up.

-There is a redstone limit to help prevent lag.

-The server reset every 2 months. The resets include everything but ranks, gkits, player upgrades and titles.

-Bedrock cannot be placed.

-Obsidian is breakable in 3 tnt hits. (ceggs don't affect it)

-Sponges act as a absorber of water and lava.

-Mobs stack to help reduce lag.

KOTHs - These are automagically operated once a minimum amount of players joined the server these spots are 24/7 active, the goal is to get to the specific platform and wait about 60 seconds to conquer it and received its rewards its a Free for all

Modified Mobs - These are not just your ordinary minecraft mobs the mobs in the server are modified to give players a challenge when fighting them but however killing them grants the player a Battle XP

-Every time a zombie attacks you it will give you a poison effect per hit and a small touch of blindness

-Skeletons are equipped with darkness bows that will give you blindness once you get shot

-Creepers are embedded with dark magic giving the victim a nausea and a wither effect for 7 seconds once they explode

-Spider's poison have been modified giving the victim a nausea and wither effect for 7 seconds per bite

-Blaze's fire was also modified giving them the power to inflict nausea and wither for 7 seconds...
Follow them to avoid being punished

1. No Hacked/Cracked Clients, Hacking, or Macros

Using clients, resource packs, macros/programs etc that modify your gaming experience in a way that would give you an unfair advantage over the rest of the player base (including setting your attack key to something other than your left click, having multiple buttons set to left click, clicking more than one mouse, as well double and triple click/rapid fire buttons on your mouse hardware, using afk alts for raid detection.), against other players or staff will result in a ban without warning. This may include DDoSing, DoSing, Doxing (releasing personal information including ips, maintaining other players' ip addresses, ip address lists, sharing ips, attempting to use / using someone's full name or the like), threats to DDoS, and/or Swatting (which will result in permanent removal from the server and an IP Ban). An overview on the types of mods permitted on HolyCraft is located here. Note: Butterfly clicking and editing / deleting logs/history is not permitted and could result in a ban.

1st Offense: Permanent Ban

Though alting is permitted, if there are affiliated accounts on the server affiliated with the account that has broken this rule they will all be permanently removed from the server. Factions seen teaming with hackers and repeat offenders run the risk of the same punishment and/or the disband of their faction as it breaks rule 20.

2. No Advertising

Putting a link/reference/name of another server in chat that relates to another server, leads to pornographic images or sites, screamers, pictures, and links/references to your personal youtube/twitch account (where the content is unrelated to HolyCraft) may result in a ban.

1st Offense: Verbal Warning (warning unless the advertisement is being spammed)
2nd Offense: Permanent Ban (lesser...